Hosepipe Ban

Starting on 5th April, we will not be able to use hosepipes on the allotment.

Neither will we be able to attach a pipe to mains-supplied taps in order to fill up our water butts.  We will, however, be able to fill watering cans from the mains-supplied taps

Red Onions

Red onions sets (red baron) are now available for planting.  Red onions are great in salads and are used in some spicy dishes.  Please let us have your ideas for cooking with red onions!

General Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting last Sunday (43 people!) and who fed in ideas beforehand.  There was lots of positive discussion and many cakes and pots of tea were consumed. We will make the minutes of the meeting available soon.

Food Sharing Sunday

This Sunday, 1st April, growers will be sharing seasonal and home-grown produce in the picnic area, from 1.00 pm.  A great chance to meet other members, share recipes and enjoy the spring sunshine!

It’s time to start planting early potatoes. There will be two varieties, Cosmos and Orla, available in the shed on Sunday along with parsnip, radish, pea, broad bean, carrot and beetroot seeds. The sowing and planting season has started!
Don’t forget the GO2 Open Meeting this coming Sunday at 2.30pm in St Thomas’s Church Hall, Earlham Road (the church is on the corner of Edinburgh and Earlham Road, next to the Mitre Pub, with the hall alongside. Access to the hall is through a side door with an approach path from Earlham Road and Edinburgh Road).


There will be an open meeting of growers within the grow-our-own project on Sunday 25th March, at 2.oo pm, St Thomas’s Church Hall on Earlham Road.

Please come along and let us know your views on how you would like the project to develop and what you think could be improved. 

As an incentive for people to participate, we will be providing light refreshments (and maybe homemade cake!)



Dear all,

Garlic and onions are still available. And, with the soil warming up as the air temperature rises, think about sowing broad beans, peas, parsnips and, for a quick crop, a few radishes. All will be available in the GO2 big shed on Sunday and Wednesday between 10am and 1pm.

Don’t forget the Open Meeting for all GO2 and GOH growers on March 25th at 2.30pm, in St Thomas’ Church Hall, Earlham Road.

Happy gardening!