Allotment stuff – Sunday 15th April

The big shed will be open from 10 to 2, where you will be able to find:

  •  Seed potatoes
  • Red onion sets
  • Peas
  • Beetroot seeds
  • Chard seeds
  •  lots of other seeds

 + support and advice from Eddie and Jane

 There will also be some lettuce and other salad plants available for planting out

Mahesh, who set up the Sustainable Living Initiative, is offering a series of hands-on free training sessions for members, starting this Sunday.  Scroll down to see the details:

A  Practical Workshop for Beginners

Workshop 1: Growing from Seed


1.   Seed sowing technique – when and how to sow seed, how deep and how wide?

2.   Does spacing matter?

3.   How to protect seeds and young plants from pests, diseases and frost?

Note: The first workshop will take place at  GO2 Bluebell South allotments on 15th April 2012, at 11 am, for  1 hour. The workshop is open to all GO2 and Growing at Home members. Space is limited to 10 people. To book a place, e-mail: sustainable@talktalk.net

And don’t forget to visit our website at www.grow-our-own.org for lots of top tips for growing your own food!