Red onions and more

There will be red onion sets as well as carrot, spinach, broad beans, peas, mange tout and more seeds available on Sunday.   We also have a few early (Orla)and 2nd early (Cosima) potatoes left.  If you want to know what to grow in early April, the members’ area on the GO2 website (password ‘garlic’) has plenty of advice on how to get going.


And to help with what and how to grow on a plot Mahesh will be running workshops this spring, starting on April 16th:


Growing Soft Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs:

A Practical Workshop for Beginners

Workshop 1: Growing from Seed


1.   Seed sowing technique – when and how to sow seed, how deep and how wide?

2.   Does spacing matter?

3.   How to protect seeds and young plants from pests, diseases and frost


Note: The first workshop will take place at GO2 Bluebell South allotments on Sunday 16th April and thereafter on the first Sunday of each month, at 11 am for an hour. The workshop is open to all GO2 and Growing at Home members. Space is limited to 10 people. To book a place, e-mail: sustainable@talktalk.net



Water on the allotment


With the hosepipe ban, unless it rains regularly, water on the allotment this year is likely to be scarce.  So we will need to be creative in how we use the water that we have.   Over the next few weeks we’ll give hints on mulching to conserve moisture, on effective, targeted watering and on what are the best crops to grow in dry conditions.


This week we give some hints on mulching:


Mulch the soil surface

Mulching the soil around your plants with such material as bark chippings, grass cuttings, leaf-mould, well-soaked sheets of newspaper or shredded paper, straw etc, will help to prevent water loss and will also suppress weeds.  Before applying the mulch make sure that the area is free of weeds and the soil is well-watered and warm.


Remove weeds and use as mulch

Weeds compete with your plants for moisture in the soil so by removing them you are leaving more water resources for your plants.  However, weeds also make good mulch! So pull them up, shake the soil from the roots to help stop them re-rooting and chop up if large.  Water the soil and then lay the weeds between the rows of vegetable plants.



Greenhouse watering rota

We need more people to join the rota for watering the seedlings in the greenhouse.  If you are able to water on a particular day (morning or evening), or would be willing sign up on a list put up each week on the Big Shed door, please let us know by emailing bluebell@grow-our-own.co.uk.



Happy Easter and good gardening