Bluebell Road South Allotments – Sunday 22nd April

There are now main crop seed potatoes available, some Lady Balfour and lots of Valor.  Both varieties are relatively blight resistant and have a waxy texture.  Go to the big shed between 10 and 2, where Charles and Juyna will be happy to provide help, advice and encouragement!  TOP TIP – line your potato trench with grass clippings to provide nutrients and to help retain moisture

The weather is warm and we’ve had lots of rain, so now is a good time to sow seeds.  Peas, carrots, chard, beetroot and many more are also to be found in the big shed on Sunday and Wednesday mornings.

Salad crops are a great way to use space before later planting of more tender crops such as courgettes, squashes and runner beans.  We have lettuce and mizuna seedlings ready to go.

Fresh cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli is a real treat in the winter/early spring.  Seedlings are now ready for planting outside.  But remember that pigeons like these plants too!  So make sure that the plants are protected with netting.

Finally, the warmer and wetter weather will encourage the emergence of slugs and snails.  I’d like to hear your top tips for deterring them!