Volunteering Sunday

An opportunity to learn about composting and get dirty with other growers!

We will be focusing especially on that big pile of plant material near the red shed.  Also, mixing the contents of other compost bins.  Please bring gardening gloves for this task.

Help is also needed with grass cutting

Slug Pellets

Please don’t use slug pellets on the allotment, even those that are advertised as being compatible with organic growing.  There are better methods of controlling pests, and advice on this will be given in Mahesh’s next free workshop (see below)

Gardening Training

Please note that Mahesh’s next free workshop, “Pests and Diseases”, will be held on Sunday 10th June.  Further details to follow.


Courgettes, french beans, runner beans and lots more can be planted outside from now on.  We can help you to plan your planting on Sunday and Wednesday mornings.  Please don’t take plants from the greenhouse without asking because some are being saved for a schools group.

Couch Grass

Not just a pernicious weed, but a nutritious drink too!  Wash the roots, dry them in an airing cupboard or similar, and then amaze your family and friends by brewing up and serving couch grass tea.


Sunday 20th May 2012

The temperature in rising on the allotment!

Tasks for this week include:


Hoeing and hand weeding around your crops.

If you take any weeds to the communal composting area please shake as much soil from their roots as you can, and then separate into greens, browns and perennial weeds.


There are lots of seeds to be sown, including french beans and runner beans. And it’s not too late to plant maincrop potatoes. Find out what is available by coming to the big shed between 10.00 and 2.00.


Can you help by watering regularly in the greenhouses? We especially need volunteers for Saturdays. Please contact Bridget or Clive for further details

Enjoy the sun!

Jobs needing willing hands

The rain and now the warmth in the air have made everything grow, particularly, it seems, the grass on the paths and the weeds.  If you have half an hour or so to spare and would like to help, there are several jobs to choose from which can be done at any time, whether the Centre is open or not.  There is:

Grass to cut in several of the communal areas; under the apple tree in the family picnic area, by the bike stands and along all the paths running between allotment plots.  There is a mower in the White shed, a scythe in the Red shed and shears in the Big shed.

Weeding to be done in the comfrey bed alongside the communal composting area.  If you’re not sure what comfrey looks like, just ask.  It’s a large leaf plant that is easy to recognise, once you know.

Weeding the right-hand side (the clover free side!) of the chamomile lawn.

Seeds and plants

As usual there will be plants and seeds available from the shed and polytunnel on Sunday. There are salad crops, French marigolds and summer cabbage amongst others.  It’s also the time to start thinking about sowing French beans (that must mean summer is almost here) and preparing the ground for courgettes, runner beans and sweet corn all of which will be available for planting at the end of the month once the risk of frost has past.

Happy gardening



Sunday 6th May
Available from the big shed and polytunnel:

  • Maincrop potatoes (Lady Balfour and Valor)
  • Lots of seeds
  • Salad plants, cabbages and a few leeks

Bridget will be around to offer advice and support for all your growing needs!

Food sharing
The first Sunday of the month provides an opportunity to share seasonal, home grown and locally sourced food with other growers.  From 1.00 pm, people will be gathering outside in the picnic area to have lunch together, swap recipes and complain about the weather.
Culinary tips
Chard is growing prolifically in the current wet weather, but not everyone knows how to cook with it. Do you have any scintillating recipes for chard that you’d like to share with others?  Please let us have your ideas!

Frost warning
It is forecast to be frosty from Sunday night onwards.  Please remember to take care of any vulnerable plants.  For example, potatoes that have shoots above ground will need to have earth pulled over their leaves.  You could also use grass cuttings, old leaves etc.

Develop your gardening skills for free! – Mahesh’s Practical Workshop 6th May – details in “Older News” below