Sunday 6th May
Available from the big shed and polytunnel:

  • Maincrop potatoes (Lady Balfour and Valor)
  • Lots of seeds
  • Salad plants, cabbages and a few leeks

Bridget will be around to offer advice and support for all your growing needs!

Food sharing
The first Sunday of the month provides an opportunity to share seasonal, home grown and locally sourced food with other growers.  From 1.00 pm, people will be gathering outside in the picnic area to have lunch together, swap recipes and complain about the weather.
Culinary tips
Chard is growing prolifically in the current wet weather, but not everyone knows how to cook with it. Do you have any scintillating recipes for chard that you’d like to share with others?  Please let us have your ideas!

Frost warning
It is forecast to be frosty from Sunday night onwards.  Please remember to take care of any vulnerable plants.  For example, potatoes that have shoots above ground will need to have earth pulled over their leaves.  You could also use grass cuttings, old leaves etc.

Develop your gardening skills for free! – Mahesh’s Practical Workshop 6th May – details in “Older News” below