Jobs needing willing hands

The rain and now the warmth in the air have made everything grow, particularly, it seems, the grass on the paths and the weeds.  If you have half an hour or so to spare and would like to help, there are several jobs to choose from which can be done at any time, whether the Centre is open or not.  There is:

Grass to cut in several of the communal areas; under the apple tree in the family picnic area, by the bike stands and along all the paths running between allotment plots.  There is a mower in the White shed, a scythe in the Red shed and shears in the Big shed.

Weeding to be done in the comfrey bed alongside the communal composting area.  If you’re not sure what comfrey looks like, just ask.  It’s a large leaf plant that is easy to recognise, once you know.

Weeding the right-hand side (the clover free side!) of the chamomile lawn.

Seeds and plants

As usual there will be plants and seeds available from the shed and polytunnel on Sunday. There are salad crops, French marigolds and summer cabbage amongst others.  It’s also the time to start thinking about sowing French beans (that must mean summer is almost here) and preparing the ground for courgettes, runner beans and sweet corn all of which will be available for planting at the end of the month once the risk of frost has past.

Happy gardening