Volunteering Sunday

An opportunity to learn about composting and get dirty with other growers!

We will be focusing especially on that big pile of plant material near the red shed.  Also, mixing the contents of other compost bins.  Please bring gardening gloves for this task.

Help is also needed with grass cutting

Slug Pellets

Please don’t use slug pellets on the allotment, even those that are advertised as being compatible with organic growing.  There are better methods of controlling pests, and advice on this will be given in Mahesh’s next free workshop (see below)

Gardening Training

Please note that Mahesh’s next free workshop, “Pests and Diseases”, will be held on Sunday 10th June.  Further details to follow.


Courgettes, french beans, runner beans and lots more can be planted outside from now on.  We can help you to plan your planting on Sunday and Wednesday mornings.  Please don’t take plants from the greenhouse without asking because some are being saved for a schools group.

Couch Grass

Not just a pernicious weed, but a nutritious drink too!  Wash the roots, dry them in an airing cupboard or similar, and then amaze your family and friends by brewing up and serving couch grass tea.