It’s the first Sunday of the month this weekend and there’s no rain forecast so come along to either or both of our two regular events.

At 11am Mahesh continues with his gardening workshops
Growing Soft Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs: A  Practical Workshop for Beginners

 Workshop 4: General gardening tasks including harvesting

1. How to create a sturdy structure for climbing plants such as runner beans; you must have noticed so many structures being collapsed under the weight of vigorously grown runner beans and strong winds.
2.  How to create a perfect netting to protect your brassicas from wood pigeons?
3. How and when to harvest your vegetables – basic things you should know. [Over the years, I have been asked by our growers – “when can I pick my sweetcorn, courgette, broadbeans ……?” This is an opportunity for you to learn just that].
4. How to deal with a current problem – Leek Rust and Potato Blight.

 Note: Workshop to take place on Bluebell South allotments on first Sunday of each month at 11 am, and is open to all GO2 and Growing at Home members. Space is limited to 10 people. To book a place, e-mail: sustainable@talktalk.net

 Food-sharing lunch

Then, at one o’clock, the tables in the picnic area will be cleared for our food-sharing lunch.  Come along with a dish made from whatever is growing on your plot or is in season.

At the Midsummer evening meal last week, among the wonderful variety of dishes there were some inventive, and delicious, ways of using broad beans, so maybe there’ll more this weekend.

To deal with another glut, I’ve googled the recipe for a spinach, almond and chickpea salad hoping to use up the blanket of spinach seedlings that is threatening to smother the more legitimate plants on my plot.

Plants and seeds from the polytunnel and hut.

There are plenty of brassica available; red and savoy cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, kales of many hues, delicate pale green kohl rabi.  Salads too; lettuce, mustard greens, mizuna and mibuna.  For a quick crop try pak choi, Chinese cabbage or tatsoi, either as plants or from seed.

There’s still time to sow dwarf French beans, beetroot, Swiss chard, carrots, turnips and fennel, all of which are available from the big shed.