Sunday 10th June

What needs doing? 

  • Are you growing broad beans?  If you are, once beans have begun to form you can pinch out the growing tips on the plants.  This promotes the production of side shoots and increases the size of beans rather encouraging vertical growth.  It also reduces the rate of infestation by blackfly. And, thanks to Jane G, I have discovered that you can eat the tips; prepare as you would spinach.
  • If you cut the grass around your plot, and on surrounding paths, you will reduce the opportunities for slugs and snails to find shelter during the daytime.

For more tips on how to deal with pests and diseases, using an organic approach, see below.

Growing Soft Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs:
  A Practical Workshop for Beginners
Workshop 3: Pests & Diseases

  • The most common pests & diseases on our allotments
  • How to identify and control pests and diseases?
  • Preventative and curative methods and options for organic growers.

Note: Workshop to take place   on Bluebell South allotments at 11 am.  It is open to all GO2  and Growing at Home members.
Space is limited to 10 people. To book a place, e-mail: sustainable@talktalk.net

Stuff to plant
Courgettes, squashes, beans, sweet corn, cabbages……………can all be planted out.  Eddie and Jane G will be in the big shed to help you decide  what to grow and how to grow it

Thanks to everyone who helped on the last volunteering Sunday.  You legends!!  As a result of your work we now have a large container of compost near the red shed.  All growers can add this compost to their soil before planting.  It will provide additional nutrients for your plants and help to retain moisture.

We will soon have a delivery of horse manure.  It will be signed as   “GO2 Muck”.  I will cover it with carpet and for using with most plants it will need to be left for a while before being applied.  This will allow it to decompose more fully and enable any residue of equine medication to disappear.