Volunteering Sunday 24th June

Key tasks will be:

Grass-cutting along the paths and communal areas; if you can bring your own shears that would be great.

Composting (again!); we’ll look at emptying the contents of some of the smaller sized bins. Please bring gardening gloves for this task.

Is your garlic suffering?

The damp spring and early summer has led to plants of the allium species (e.g. leeks, garlic, onions, chives) being attacked by leek rust.  This fungal disease can be recognised from the appearnace of dusty reddish-orange pustules on leaves. The advice from Garden Organic is to in future, make sure that you don’t have too much nitrogen (i.e. don’t apply manure or compost that is too fresh) and maybe increase the spacing between plants to allow more air flow.  There is no need to harvest especially early but on the other hand if you leave it too late, secondary rots may develop on damamged tissue.  So once the bulbs are a decent size lift them to dry

Things to plant  

Cauliflowers, courgettes, squashes, salad leaves, pak choi, …

Things to sow

Peas, beans, beetroot, chard, carrots, …

Juyna and Jane C will be in the big shed on Sunday from 10 to 2, dispensing seeds, plants, wisdom and emotional support.

And finally…….   Mystery bike manifests itself on alloment!

This bike has been lurking in the bike racks for a couple of weeks, and should be approached with caution.

Did anyone arrive home recently minus a mode of transport?  Please let me know if you have any information that could help to solve this riddle