At last, after the cold, wet spring, the allotments seem to be flourishing.  Broad beans are getting to the end of a prolific season but there are mangetout, sugar snap peas, lettuce, beetroot and courgettes to take their place. Strawberries are everywhere, in plots and on paths; even the slugs can’t keep up.  The first raspberries, the first flowers on runner beans, the first courgette turning into a marrow; it’s all beginning to happen.  If you haven’t been to your plot for a while, go this weekend, you might find a few strawberries hidden in the undergrowth and even spindly looking broad bean plants are producing a few pods.


There are plants – lettuce, brassica and pak choi – in the polytunnel and seeds – turnips, swede and beetroot – in the hut for the spaces left when you pull a lettuce, lift onions or dig the first new potatoes.


It’s getting to the time when people are setting off on holiday. If you have crops which, despite all your plans, are going to crop while you’re away, don’t let them go to waste. Ask your allotment neighbours or friends but if they can’t use them let us know, in person or by email at bluebell@grow-our-own.co.uk.   We’ll make sure the produce is used, by our regular volunteers or for jams and chutneys to sell on open day in September.