Volunteering Sunday 29th July 2012

Potato blight
The recent warm and moist weather conditions have led to an outbreak of this fungus-like organism – Phytophthora infestans. Please follow this link for detailed information. Please bring your own plastic bags so that you can deposit discarded plant matter in them and remove from the site.

Volunteering tasks
We particularly need help this Sunday to clear the bathtubs in the children’s area (under the Beauty of Bath apple tree) that have become overgrown. Once clear, the tubs can be planted with lettuce and basil and sown with French beans or carrots for a late crop. And watered. So, if there are any young children (and parents) still in Norwich and in need of a morning’s activity, then come along and help – my grandchildren, Athol (5) and Morven (3), have already (been) volunteered. We have a selection of small tools, wheelbarrows and watering cans. Breaks for drinks and a snack and lunch later are a possibility.
Other volunteering jobs include the always necessary grass-cutting along paths, weeding the lower compost pile, tidying the stacks of plant pots and trays by the white shed, and much more.

Growing advice
This Sunday Mahesh will be around to answer any of your fruit and vegetable growing questions. The next structured gardening workshop will take place on the first Sunday of September.

New project at Marlpit
Norwich City Council’s planning committee unanimously approved our application on May 17, 2012.  We hope to start the site development work soon and make the plots available to local individuals, families and community groups from September 2012. We will update you on the progress of our work. You can also check out what is happening here, on this website.

Bridget & Clive