Open Day

Is happening from 12 to 4 on Saturday.  Please come and meet other growers, show off your plots to friends and family and generally have a good time.  And if you can make something to sell on the cake stall………….


we will be recovering from the Open Day and will be closed!

Green Manures




These are used to suppress weed growth, add structure to the soil and provide ground cover over the winter. 

Visit the big shed for tares, phacelia and mustard.
Last year I sowed tares, which are related to peas and help to fix nitogen, adding to the soil’s fertility.


All of the tasks that help to make this project work are undertaken by volunteers.  And all growers, in addition to paying their plot rents, are expected to make some voluntary contribution to the community.  Please let us know what you can do, e.g. buildings maintenance, photography, grass cutting, rubbish clearance………..

Oak Trees

If you find any oak seedlings on your plot, please give them to Shena, who has a friend who is planting a line of oak trees!

Open Day Saturday 29th September – Midday to 4pm

A chance to socialise with other growers, show off your plots to family and friends, and generally have a relaxed afternoon on the allotment. Any contributions to the home-made cake or tombola stalls will be very welcome. And if you have not done so already, you can pay your plot rent for the next year!

Mahesh will be facilitating discussion groups on issues arising from growing our own food. What do you think are the benefits to physical and mental wellbeing, to the environment, and to the building of community? What works well at our scheme, and what improvements or changes would you like to see?

Things to be Done this Sunday

Grass cutting, tidying of the pile of indeterminate objects near the bike stands and weeding the baths are all needed ahead of the Open Day. For anyone who wants a more vigorous workout, there are opportunities to move piles of rotting plant material around in the main composting area.

Using Manure

We do have some well-rotted horse manure in a covered pile, marked “GO2 Muck”, halfway between the polytunnel and the red shed. It should be used sparingly, applied on the surface around, but not touching, nitrogen-hungry plants such as brassicas (cabbages, kale etc). Alternatively it may be put on the soil and then covered with a thickish layer of wet cardboard, weighted down with bricks or similar, and left until spring. It should not remain uncovered on ground where no crops are growing, because the nitrogen in the manure will be washed through the soil by rain, wasting the nutrients.

Annual Report

We want to include several short case studies from growers in our Annual Report. Would you be willing to say why you joined GO2, and what it means to you? If you prefer, we can tell your story anonymously! Please talk to Mahesh at our Open Day, or e-mail your thoughts to

Here is an example from a former member

Charlotte's 2011 Report

What Charlotte has to say about Grow Our Own


Paying for your plot

You should by now have received a notice asking you to pay for your plot for the year beginning 1st October 2012.  If you want to keep your plot please pay as soon as possible, because we need to pay Norwiich City Council.  The final date for payment is 30th September; we can’t guarantee that will be able to have a plot if you haven’t paid by then.  Alternatively please let us know if you don’t want to continue.  We will then be able to offer your plot to someone else.

Good Food March

The Good Food March is coming to Norwich on Sunday.  The campaigners will be visiting our community allotment scheme, talking to growers and having a (good food) picnic.  They will arrive at 2.00 if you want to meet and eat with them.  Meanwhile you can check out their campaign at


Red Admiral on Raspberry

Autumn fruiting raspberries have been prolific this year, with plenty of rain earlier in the season to help swell the fruit.
They will continue to produce through October if there are no sharp frosts.
You may want to clear a space on your plot to plant some in the winter.
They are good for wildlilfe too, with honey bees especially liking their flowers.


Open Day

Please put Saturday 29th September in your diaries/on your mobile devices!  And invite family and friends to visit.  This is a great opportunity to promote organic food growing and encourage others to get involved.

To make the site more welcoming, Juyna & Charles and Janet have replaced the pile of rubbish by the car parking with a beautiful rockery. (click for photos)

Jane G has done a wonderful job of tidying the area near the bike racks.  We still need people to cut grass, weed tubs etc in the communal areas ahead of the day.

If you can donate something for the tombola or make a cake or biscuits to sell on the day, please let us know.

Pest of the Month – Wireworm

Wireworms are the larvae of various species of click beetle.  The two most common are Athous haemorrhoidalis and Agriotes lineatus. They are often troublesome in newly cultivated ground, particularly when it was previously covered with grass.  Wireworms attack the underground parts of plants, especially potato, beetroot and carrot.  They leave knitting needle sized holes on the outside of the tuber or root.  On cutting open, a network of tunnels may be evident.  This may lead to bacterial or fungal rot, so crops damaged in this way should be harvested and consumed early.

Source – Garden Organic


Lots of thanks to Charles and Juyna for taking immense amounts of plastic and other discarded material to the dump.  Please remember to take home anything that can’t be used or composted on the site.


There are plenty of cabbages and other brassica seedlings available for planting out.  Remember to handle seedlings by the leaves and not the stems, and to fill the planting hole with water before transplanting them.


Three happenings and a recipe

Sunday 2nd  September at 1pm is our monthly food-sharing lunch.  No   doubt there will be ever more ingenious ways of using produce from plots –   courgettes, runner beans, raspberries, whatever is ready – so come along with   dish to share and join in.
On Sunday, 16th   September, the GO2 Centre will host a stage in the
‘Good Food March’ as it makes   its way through Norwich.  The march is to publicise the call to Brussels   for a Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) that delivers good food and good   farming.  Cyclists and walkers will arrive from John Innes at about 2pm   for a refreshment break and to hear more about our project, so come and join   them.  I’m sure we’ll have much in common with the marchers.  See   for more details.
Open Day is on Saturday 29th   September, from 12-4pm in the big shed and around.  Any offers of help   and items for the tombola are most welcome. 

Things to do on 26th August
We need lots of help clearing and tidying in the communal areas please!