Open Day

Please put Saturday 29th September in your diaries/on your mobile devices!  And invite family and friends to visit.  This is a great opportunity to promote organic food growing and encourage others to get involved.

To make the site more welcoming, Juyna & Charles and Janet have replaced the pile of rubbish by the car parking with a beautiful rockery. (click for photos)

Jane G has done a wonderful job of tidying the area near the bike racks.  We still need people to cut grass, weed tubs etc in the communal areas ahead of the day.

If you can donate something for the tombola or make a cake or biscuits to sell on the day, please let us know.

Pest of the Month – Wireworm

Wireworms are the larvae of various species of click beetle.  The two most common are Athous haemorrhoidalis and Agriotes lineatus. They are often troublesome in newly cultivated ground, particularly when it was previously covered with grass.  Wireworms attack the underground parts of plants, especially potato, beetroot and carrot.  They leave knitting needle sized holes on the outside of the tuber or root.  On cutting open, a network of tunnels may be evident.  This may lead to bacterial or fungal rot, so crops damaged in this way should be harvested and consumed early.

Source – Garden Organic


Lots of thanks to Charles and Juyna for taking immense amounts of plastic and other discarded material to the dump.  Please remember to take home anything that can’t be used or composted on the site.


There are plenty of cabbages and other brassica seedlings available for planting out.  Remember to handle seedlings by the leaves and not the stems, and to fill the planting hole with water before transplanting them.