Open Day

Is happening from 12 to 4 on Saturday.  Please come and meet other growers, show off your plots to friends and family and generally have a good time.  And if you can make something to sell on the cake stall………….


we will be recovering from the Open Day and will be closed!

Green Manures







These are used to suppress weed growth, add structure to the soil and provide ground cover over the winter. 

Visit the big shed for tares, phacelia and mustard.
Last year I sowed tares, which are related to peas and help to fix nitogen, adding to the soil’s fertility.


All of the tasks that help to make this project work are undertaken by volunteers.  And all growers, in addition to paying their plot rents, are expected to make some voluntary contribution to the community.  Please let us know what you can do, e.g. buildings maintenance, photography, grass cutting, rubbish clearance………..

Oak Trees

If you find any oak seedlings on your plot, please give them to Shena, who has a friend who is planting a line of oak trees!www.sciencephoto.com