Garlic and Onions

Garlic is now available, and ready for planting.  The variety is Vallelado, which has large bulbs and has been selected for northern European conditions.

It will be ready for harvesting when the leaves begin to turn yellow, in July/August.

We also have a supply of over-wintering onions.

Fruit bushes and fruit trees

Once the weather turns colder, it is a good idea to pull back any mulch, and weed around fruit bushes and fruit trees.  This allows the autumn and winter rain (assuming we have some!) to moisten the soil, and prevents some pests from overwintering near the plants.  Mulch can be reapplied in late winter/early spring.

Plots available

We still have a few free plots, so if you know anyone who would like to be part of our project, please ask them to contact us as soon as possible.

Coffee grounds

Thanks to Sophie for bringing coffee grounds to the allotment.  They are an excellent addition to a composting system, being high in nitrogen. 

Spread over the soil, they are reputed to deter slugs and snails (not sure I believe this!).

Maybe you could find out if your favourite cafe will allow you to take away coffee grounds.


The deadline for paying for your plot(s) was 30th September. We can’t guarantee to keep your plot(s) if you haven’t paid.  Please contact us straightaway if you have missed the deadline.