Broad bean seeds

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Autumn-sown broad beans can do very well.  The seeds might get eaten by mice, the young plants can rock in the wind or suffer frost damage.  But, if they come through whatever winter throws at them, there’s nothing like the sight of the tiny pods developing on the plants in spring and then the taste of the first beans in May.

We have two varieties available in the big shed.  Superaquadulce is very hardy and has medium size pods; Supersimonia is an Italian variety, also hardy, producing longer pods.

Over-wintering lettuces

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There will be lettuce plants available from outside the polytunnel to put in your plot now.  They won’t grow much during the winter but in early spring, once the weather starts to improve and the days lengthen, they’ll start to grow and provide young, tender lettuces in March and April.

Avoid ghastly monocultures, like the one on the left – plant yours amongst other young or small vegetables.

Sunday 4th November, food-sharing lunch

Come along on Sunday, bring a dish made from allotment or other seasonal produce to share and enjoy good food and company.

If you’re of a literary mind, bring along a favourite poem or piece of prose to share after the meal.