What to sow or plant now

If you haven’t yet planted garlic or sown broad beans there is still time.  Collect them from the big shed on Sunday.

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Also, if you have an odd corner free, plant some lettuces, available from the polytunnel.  The tiny plants won’t grow much over the winter; they might succumb to frost, be eaten by slugs or get trampled by foxes but, if they survive, when the days start to lengthen in the spring they’ll start to grow and you could be the first to have tender salad leaves to enjoy.


Click picture to see our rhubarb factfile

There are rhubarb crowns available for planting now; they’re under the apple tree by the greenhouse.  Make sure the crown you choose has an ‘eye’, or a large bud that will provide next year’s shoots.  Prepare the ground well, incorporating manure or compost into the soil.  Dig out a hole slightly larger than the crown and place it in the hole with the roots facing downwards.  The top of the crown should be 2.5cm below the soil surface.  Mark where the crown has been planted with a cane or stone; new shoots will appear above the soil in late February or March.  Once planted you’ll need to leave it for a year or two but once established it’ll continue producing for many years.