Planting raspberry canes …

There are raspberry canes available for planting now. They’re autumn varieties so with luck they’ll be fruiting by September this year. They do particularly well on our allotments; the season seems to last for ever. There were even a few canes with ripe fruit on well into December last year. Come to the Big Shed and Jane C or Jane G will be pleased to help with planting and how to care for the canes.

…and pruning them.

Clive will run a raspberry pruning workshop in the morning, at 11.30am. So, if you are planting canes, or want to know how to prune existing ones, come along then. We’ll meet at the Big Shed.


In the next couple of weeks we’ll need plenty of eggboxes and shallow cardboard boxes so that the seed potatoes which have arrived from the suppliers can be spread out ready for planting in March. Spreading out helps them to chit, that is sending out tiny shoots from eyes on the potato from which the plant will grow. Either bring boxes to the Big Shed when we’re open or leave in the polytunnel if you’re coming when we’re closed.

We need new growers!

We have several empty adult, young person’s and wheelchair accessible plots available for new growers and need your help in finding people to take them on. Can you pass the word around, please, to friends and neighbours, at work or to any groups you are part of? If you find someone interested either direct them to our website,, or send them along to the Big Shed when we’re open. Our aim is to be fully subscribed by March so that all the plots are productive throughout the growing season.

We’ve started a conversation about GO2 on the community website If you’re interested and want to join in you’ll need to register but please do, the higher we can keep our profile in the local community the better.

Food-sharing lunch

Come along for lunch at 1pm on Sunday with a dish to share, made from allotment produce if possible. Admittedly, there’s not much growing on the plots so, I agree that could be difficult. The exception is Swiss Chard which is sending up fresh shoots ready for picking. I’m going to try a recipe I found on the internet for Swiss Chard, Spinach and Rice Gratin. I looked in vain for a sweet rather than savoury Swiss Chard recipe….now if anyone can find one, make and bring the dish along that would be great.



A Happy New Year to everyone.

Let’s hope for a good growing year in 2013.

See Mahesh's gallery

See Mahesh's gallery

With the snow and ice fast disappearing and better weather forecast we will open for the first time in 2013 this coming Sunday, from 11am until 2pm.





January jobs are listed in our calendar here on the website.

As it is the last Sunday in the month, and so volunteering morning, there are several jobs planned.

We are intending to clear the area down by the red shed ready for a new compost area and there is some earth moving to be done in the polytunnel.

So come along and give a hand; there will be rock cakes and a hot drink mid-morning to help beat the cold.






 [With layout and pictures by Jim]