What to do in February

If it stops snowing, sleeting… now is a good time to dig in green manure that was planted in late summer or autumn. Where there is substantial growth, cut it before turning in to the soil.
There is a lot of compost in a bay near the red shed. This can be put on to the surface of the soil around e.g. cabbages and broad beans, to provide a boost to spring late winter and spring growth. Or it can be dug into the soil ready for sowing and planting later in the year.

Seed sowers needed

We need help to sow seeds in the greenhouse over the next few months. You don’t need previous experience because we can show you what to do. You do need to be able to make a regular commitment, have enthusiasm for learning, and show a positive attitude towards helping other growers.

Please talk to Bridget or Clive if you are interested.

Stuff to get sorted on the allotment

(1) We want your cardboard and coffee grounds for composting, and your egg boxes for storing potatoes.
(2) And if your plot is near the red shed you will have noticed that we are preparing to construct another composting site. Let me know if you can help with completing this task.
(3) We need some rubbish taking away from the site to a local dump or recycling centre. If you can help with this, that would be fantastic. Especially if you can find out where to take old car tyres.
(4) If you notice other things that need doing, please let me know, or add them to the list of tasks that will be appearing on a board in the Big Shed. Or maybe you could design the board to display a list of tasks?

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