Planning what to grow

How many beans make Fava?

It is a good idea to stagger the sowing of seeds over the sowing period. This helps to reduce the chances of gluts and shortages as crops become available over a longer period. It also spreads the risk of germination being poor due to adverse weather conditions shortly after sowing.
Crop rotation is a fundamental principle of organic growing, helping to avoid the build up of pests and diseases and maintaining soil fertility. Go to our website www.grow-our-own.co.uk for more information.

Broad beans (fava beans)

We have lots of seeds ready for sowing.

Thanks to Max, Al and Nerea we have lots of plants in the greenhouse to replace beans that were lost over the winter or failed to germinate. Super Aquadulce and Supersimonia (a newer variety) are available, and both produced well last year.

Stuff to get sorted on the allotment

Thanks to Paul for offering to dispose of the car tyres! If anyone else can take non-compostable waste away from the site that would be great. I have limited capacity to carry rubbish on my bike.

Thanks also to those people who have offered to help with the seed sowing this year.
I have begun to compile a list of tasks on a board in the shed, so please let me know if you notice anything that needs sorting out near your plot which you are not able to deal with yourself.

Food growing and the National Curriculum

You may have noticed that the Government issued its proposed national curriculum for schools last week – “The National Curriculum in England: Framework Document for Consultation”. I think that one of the more interesting proposals was that from September 2014 pupils at Key Stage 1 to 3 “should be taught practical knowledge, skills and crafts working in fields such as ……. horticulture, to cultivate plants for practical purposes such as for food or for decorative displays”.

We already have a schools group growing food on our allotments, and maybe there are opportunities here to develop this area of our work