Food sharing

As usual on the first Sunday of the month, we will stop work at 1.00 to share a meal.

Try cheese scones with soup

Think using allotment grown and local produce, rather than competitive baking. And no horses please.



 See Jane’s recipes at grow-our-own.co.uk/soups-and-sauces

Is now the right time to be sowing?

We have lots of broad beans, and some yellow onions which can be sown from now on. And some red onions on order. As the soil (hopefully) warms over the next few weeks we can begin to sow parsnips, peas, chard, spinach, radishes and lots more!

Visit our website (your password is “garlic”) for more ideas, or talk to other members on Sunday and Wednesday mornings.

Heritage seeds – Jane Chittenden

I’m very pleased to be looking after the heritage seeds for GO2 this year. Heritage seeds are seeds that have been in cultivation for at least 50 years, usually for much longer, and must be open-pollinated – that is, they are not laboratory-controlled hybrids. These are varieties developed for gardeners and commercial growers from the time before post-war intensive farming. They’ve been treasured for generations because they taste great and they are reliable in our tricky English climate; they’re not grown for uniformity and long shelf life but for the kitchen.
I’ve picked six from goodness knows how many wonderful varieties in the Garden Organic catalogue. I’m starting with broad bean Mr Jones – from WW2 Dig for Victory (tall plants cropping over a long season). Because the seeds are so precious, I’m sowing them indoors this weekend to guarantee maximum germination. As soon as they are about an inch tall I shall plant them outdoors (weather permitting) on a plot near the picnic area. I’ll be reporting on progress with all six varieties – do feel free to take a look at them as they grow. I’ll also be sharing my experiences of learning how to save seed, with help from Peter A and Mahesh.

Annual report

We aim to be as transparent and accountable as possible. Therefore Sustainable Living Initiative posts its annual report on line. The latest report for the year to 30th September 2012 is now available, just follow this link for photos, growers’ stories, statistics and more.

21 new growers have joined the Grow our Own scheme since 1st October 2012 and we currently have 131 members at Bluebell Road South, with a further 9 subscribing to the Grow at Home scheme. In contrast to the perceived standard allotment demographic, around two thirds of our members are female. So if you are reading this newsletter you are probably a woman!