Sunday 24th March

This week’s newsletter comes from Eddie, Tessa and Juyna who will be on duty, with Jane G, in the Big Shed on Sunday.

‘How on earth did you get parsnips that big?’

Last year my plots were very productive and successful with large onions, good sized garlic and beetroot and an extremely good crop of parsnips.
Some have asked, ‘How on earth did you get parsnips that big?’ The only answer I have is, ‘I have no idea but by the Grace of God and a bit of luck it’s happened’. Many of you know that I have survived a stroke and my involvement with GO2 has been an integral part of that recovery. Helping to pot on seedlings, watching my crops grow and the many friendships I have made have helped me to become part of the wider community.  Now I look forward to the new season and what it may bring, including the slugs and snails.


Keeping paths clear

As the main growing season begins and you begin to work on your plots, remember to keep the main path clear of garden tools, wheelbarrows and personal effects. As well as being a health and safety hazard, such objects make for an obstacle course for anyone trying to pass, particularly with a wheelbarrow.
Also, keeping the grass short in front of your plot both looks neater and reduces the habitat of the slugs which we were plagued with last year.


Your wellbeing & gardening

As I write this I’ve just heard on the radio that it’s the first day of Spring!  Now is the time to get your allotment plots organised as the soil is warming up.

Whilst gardening is a lovely thing to do as it great way to keep fit and has calming effects it can also unfortunately result in injuries, especially in the lumber region. Just a few precautions will help to avoid these problems. In particular people with existing back pain should take extra care when gardening. Plan your gardening time and don’t overdo it.
Firstly, warm up by taking a quick walk around all wonderful plots which will stimulate your circulation. Secondly, limber up by doing some simple stretches exercise such as the one illustrated. This is simple to do and can be done by anyone; even in a wheelchair. Start by rolling your shoulders forward VERY GENTLY 10 times and back 10 times. Continue to breathe normally as you do this. Finally, relax and start gardening. Enjoy!


Jane’s Recipe for the Spring Equinox

Impossible to work out what to eat with this changeable weather – blooming cold and snowy, then lovely and sunny (but still cold). So – it’s French vegetable soup, which is very simple but really good.


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