What to do – March 17th 2013

The cold snap has delayed some of the usual March tasks. But as the ground begins to warm:

  • Where there is bare soil, and you are planning to grow tender crops such as courgettes, beans and squashes from late May/June, sow green manures such as mustard, phacelia and tares. These will provide ground cover for a couple of months and a habitat for beneficial insects that are emerging from hibernation.
  • Spread compost and small amounts of well-rotted manure on the surface around overwintering crops to boost their growth in the spring.
  • Dig in any green manure that was sown in late summer/autumn
  • If you are planning to grow runner beans, prepare a compost trench and fill with kitchen scraps, small amounts of manure, grass cuttings etc. And cover with soil.
    Prepare your plot for seed sowing in late March/April by clearing weeds and incorporating sieved compost

Help needed at Marlpit Community Garden Saturday 13th April

With a view to improving the existing hedgerows, we will be planting trees in the gaps along Gunton Lane. We will also plant fast-growing trees such as hazel and willow. These will eventually be coppiced by our growers and used as bean poles and pea sticks.
We will start work at 10.00 am, with refreshments being available at Marlpit Community Centre from 12.30 pm.
We can supply the tools, but please wear suitable clothing, footwear and gloves.
There are no car-parking facilities, so please travel to the site by other methods.
If you are able to help, please contact Mahesh

Helpful hippos?

Thank you to everyone who has helped with communal activities over the last few months. Especially to Paul, Juyna and Charles for taking away large items of rubbish. We expect all growers to contribute to these general tasks, so if everyone were to take a bag of rubbish away over the next month that would make a huge impact.

Norfolk Organic Group Monday 25th March 7.30 pm

Tim O’Riordan is an inspiring and authoritative speaker, so this is a must see event!


with pictures and graphics from Jim