Sunday, 14th April

Seeds to sow

With a warm day forecast for Sunday what better way to spend it than planting the first seed potatoes! The early variety, Orla, is available now in the Big Shed. The soil will still be cold so waiting a week or so won’t hurt for most other seeds – they will catch up –  but if you’re impatient to start, try sowing beetroot,parsnips, radishes, broad-beans or peas. There are growing instructions for all these in the members’ section (password ‘garlic’) of the website and also in the window of the Big Shed.

Plants, edible or otherwise, wanted

A vine or passion-flower for the side of the composting toilet? A rose or clematis to ramble over the tree stump by the car-park?
If you have a climbing plant languishing in a pot, or spy one at a car-boot or jumble sale, think about bringing it to the allotment. And, if you are splitting any herbaceous plants, bring any you can spare for the border alongside the path to the big shed.

Watering rota

The seedlings in the greenhouse now need daily watering. There are several people who have agreed to water, and check for snails, at the same time each week, but we will need more help, on a regular or an ad hoc basis, as the season progresses.
So, to help ensure there is a supply of plants for all plots, if you can water at the same time each week, let us know. The ad hoc help would involve checking the rota, pinned to the door of the Big Shed, when you’re at the allotment tending your plot to see if there’s a gap in the rota for that day. If you can help in either way, let us know first so that you can be shown the secrets of the watering system.

Happy gardening


Jane’s Seasonal Recipe

Try Kuku (not the first cuckoo!)