What to do

Spring cleaning on the allotment!

Painting the outside of the composting toilet before planting climbing shrubs against it, cutting grass, and lots more…
Are there any particular tasks that you think need doing? We are aiming to create a more aesthetically pleasing site, as well as a productive one. That doesn’t necessarily mean tidy, but it does mean purposeful, and it does mean a place that will inspire others to create something beautiful too. And if anyone fancies bringing a cake to share that would be fabulous, even if it isn’t made from 100% allotment ingredients.

Need to clear your plot, and plant something that won’t need much attention? We still have potatoes, Orla and Lady Balfour. Once planted they require little more than occasional weeding and earthing up. But look out for late frosts, which can destroy or damage potato shoots that emerge from the soil. They can be protected by covering with grass clippings, leaves, straw or soil. And there are summer broccoli, salad leaves and lettuces to plant out. Weeds are growing, which suggests that it is warm enough to sow seeds. Come to the shed for advice on what, how and where.

What’s new  …

Click on the rockery picture (above) and see a slideshow on our website, then spot the new plants when you visit.

What to eat ?

See Jane C’s latest addition to our list of recipes

What else to eat ?

Dan our medical herbalist says…

Picking Wild Greens
I have a new plot so no kale, broccoli or sorrel to pick for me. I really want some greens to eat though. I pick nettle tops to add to soups and sauces (blending disguises them from the family). For herbal tea I love Cleavers (the one that sticks to your jumper), it is just about becoming big enough to pick. With these two fresh & free wild greens we are adding vitamins and minerals to our diet, aiding the immune and circulatory systems, I am a medical herbalist who uses plants for improving health. herbaculture.co.uk

Edible Chapelfield

Check out this vision to transform this city park into an edible flagship for a sustainable future.
From 10.00 in the morning of Sunday 28th. Visit  for more info.


Is Sunday 5th May World Naked Gardening Day ?


with pictures and graphics from Jim – but none from wngd.org !