What to do on Volunteering Day

Communal activities

Grass cutting, planting in unused areas, grass cutting, weeding, grass cutting, compost bin construction, and did I mention grass cutting?

Vegetable activities

Squashes and courgettes to be planted on your plots. Remember that they are big plants so need lots of space. We have lettuces and other salad plants to fill in the gaps. And climbing beans, komatsuma, heritage kale (Theyer) and much more.

And seeds to be sown, such as chard, beetroot, carrot, radish, dwarf beans……..
If you have planted or are going to plant sweetcorn, green manure seeds can be sown in the gaps between the corn to help prevent weed growth.

Fruit activities

Check gooseberry leaves for sawfly caterpillars. They are a similar shade of green to gooseberry leaves, and tend to cling on to the underside of the higher leaves, eating their way from the edge to the centre.

They have voracious appetites, so plants will need to be examined every few days. Collect the caterpillars and take them several yards away from bushes. The soil around fruit trees and bushes can be mulched with cut grass and weeds to retain moisture.
Strawberry plants benefit from having straw placed under their leaves. This prevents the fruit from touching the mud, and helps to reflect heat back from the sun.

Historical find in the compost heap!

This is what Natasha found while sieving compost!Click to see bigger image
Peter Robins, at Norwich Castle Museum, identified it as a flint knife, long, narrow secondary flake with shallow retouch along much of the right edge and signs of use wear on the left edge. Probably Early Neolithic, 4,000-3,000 BC.

Worth a Visit

Audley End has a wonderful organic walled fruit and vegetable garden. It is accessible by public transport, the village being on the train line between Cambridge and Stansted Airport. Visit www.english-heritage.org.uk for details


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Jane says …

Here’s a fab recipe to add to the seasonal collection – Spanakopita, which is a Greek spinach and feta cheese pie

23rd May 2013