Food-sharing Day May 2013

What’s happening on Sunday

If you haven’t done your stint in helping out yet and have a hour to spare, come along to the big hut. There are many jobs to be done, including:

  •  pricking out lettuces and sunflowers
  •  potting-on courgettes and squashes
  •  weeding and planting in the polytunnel
  •  planting up a salad bed opposite the greenhouse.

Don’t forget that, as it’s the first Sunday of the month, there will be a food-sharing lunch, starting at 1pm.

Availability of plants

The plants ready to go out will normally be put on the benches either side of the door of the polytunnel. This week there are plenty of salad leaves, several kinds of brassica and a few beetroot. No courgette, squash, runner or climbing French beans yet. These are all tender plants and need to wait until the end of May before going out when, fingers crossed, there should be no more frosts.

Try a ‘catch crop’ of lettuces, spicy mustard frills or mizuna.
If you plant a few of these in and around where you’re planning to grow courgettes or squashes, in a few weeks you should get a crop to pick well before the larger plants take over.

Plan and plant a three-stage brassica patch
First, for late summer and early autumn eating, there are romanesco, calabrese and purple-sprouting broccoli plants ready to go in now. These should come into their own at the point when courgettes and beans are beginning to fade.

Second, the Brussel sprout and red cabbage plants are also ready. These need a longer growing period, cropping, perhaps, in time for Christmas lunch or soon after.

Finally, leave room for a couple of different kinds of kale and some late purple-sprouting broccoli, a variety that will crop next spring. We’ve just sown these in the greenhouse so the plants should be ready for planting out in a couple of weeks. All brassica need protecting from pigeons. There should be plenty of sticks and netting near to the white shed.

A message from Sharon Copple,

secretary of the The Bluebell Allotment Association.

‘We would like to invite children to come and make a scarecrow at the Scarecrow Workshop on Saturday 25th May at St Anne’s Church Hall at 10am until 12 noon.

We will be able to provide lots of the equipment, paint, pens, glue etc but, to make sure they can make the head and body, we ask that they bring something along. We would also like the children to be accompanied by an adult. To secure a place, please call me on 07768185730 or contact one of the trading hut team by 11th May.

If you don’t have any children we would be very grateful if you could donate any clothes, hats or equipment which could be used to make their scarecrows.’


Graphics by Jim