This Sunday, 23rd June…

what to do with your vegetables

Broad beans – once pods have begun to form, the growing tips of each plant may be removed. This helps to reduce infestation by black bean aphid, and the tips may be eaten if steamed or fried lightly. Harvest the pods when the beans can be felt through them.
Peas – once they start to crop, pick every few days to stimulate the plants to produce more.

Nettles – may be used as a mulch (laid on the surface of the soil) around fruit bushes and trees after rain. This retains moisture in the soil, inhibits weed growth and as the nettles rot they provide a source of nitrogen which stimulates plant growth.
Nettles may also be soaked in water to produce a nutritious, albeit smelly, liquid plant feed for tomatoes, squashes, courgettes, sweetcorn and other heavy feeders.

And it is still not too late to sow french beans, radishes, carrots, peas………

Communal stuff …

Thanks to everyone who helped with clearing out and planting in the young peoples’ plots, especially Tessa, Jane G and Peter M. This Sunday we will focus on the area around the polytunnel and greenhouse. And maybe the composting area.

Bangladeshi Dhata

I am taking part in a Garden Organic trial to examine whether or not this plant can be grown viably in the UK. I have a few spare plants if anyone would like to try them. Also, if you have any recipes for this vegetable, please let me know. The trial forms part of Garden Organic’s Sowing New Seeds Project , funded by the Big Lottery Local Food Fund.

Golden Triangle Open Gardens 22nd & 23rd June

If you are a garden lover, or you are just nosey, here is a chance to look at over 20 gardens in this part of Norwich. Entrance is by programme, available for £5 per person, from the Plantation Garden in Earlham Road. Net proceeds will go to The Plantation Garden Preservation Trust (Registered Charity No. 801095).

Strange Weather?

AMERICAN football player Flash Gordon is to investigate the UK’s recent unusual weather.

The Met Office hopes to discover the cause of the unpredictable weather by sending Gordon into space with an attractive journalist and a scientist of questionable sanity. A Met Office spokesman said: “Some would argue that a professional sportsman is not the obvious choice for a meteorological research project, but Michael Fish was busy doing a series for BBC2.
However we don’t feel this will be a problem, as Flash will be accompanied by the brilliant scientist Dr Hans Zarkov and journalist Dale Arden, who is extremely feisty. Our plan is to send Flash and his companions to a new planet that has just entered the solar system, Mongo, which we think may have some connection to our lousy summer weather. Once they get there, they will just need to conduct some simple meteorological tests then come back. It should all be pretty straightforward.”
Gordon said: “I’m just glad to help. There’s nothing worse than it raining during a barbeque and having to finish your sausages off under the grill. Dr Zarkov says he’s been picking up some strange radio transmissions, including the words ‘dispatch war rocket Ajax’ and the sound of booming laughter, but it’s probably nothing. It’s not as though we’re going to encounter some threatening but weirdly camp extraterrestrial civilization.”
The Met Office has predicted scattered meteorite showers at the weekend.
(Credits to the Daily Mash for this story)


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