This Sunday, 4th August… what to do?

Eating alfresco

It is the first Sunday of the month, so we will be sharing our allotment grown food. There is an abundance of crops at the moment; courgettes, beans, chard, onions and much more. I’ve just acquired a copy of Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book (thanks to a recommendation from Jane C), which is packed with recipes and peppered with historical references and anecdotes. For example, the former US President Thomas Jefferson was a keen gardener, and engaged in annual pea growing competitions with his neighbours. A far cry from a more recent President of the United States who famously hated broccoli!But as far as I am aware, no US President ever grew peas like these:,

August Recipes

Alison Foss shared these recipes on the website

Broad Bean Bake

Beetroot tops and bottoms with a pearl barley risotto

Tomato late-blight research

The recent rainfall, although very much needed, has increased the chances of late-blight infection of tomatoes and potatoes. The most obvious symptom will be brown or black lesions on leaves and stems, without significant yellowing of the surrounding leaf. James Stroud, a Bangor University/Sarvari Research Trust PhD student, is investigating late-blight with the aim of developing new strains of tomato that have higher resistance to late-blight. If you would like to take part by examining potatoes and tomatoes, and sending James samples of infected plant matter, please let me know.

Lost watch

If you find a Lorus swap watch, lost on or around 7th July, please let Tom Greaves know

Time to relax?

It’s hot, crops are maturing, and maybe now is the time to be less busy on the allotment. Instead, aim to be mindful and observant. Watch the bees moving in and out of flowers, see which plants are prospering, smell the soil after the rain. Because the physical benefits of growing our own are obvious. The manual work, the nutritious fruit and vegetables. But being in the moment, and letting all of our senses engage with our environment, is beneficial too.


Management Changes

Mahesh has proposed a new management strategy which can be seen on the Members’ Documents page
Please read the document – it aims to share ideas about changes to coordinating task-based teams and to increases in plot rentals.

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