On your plot this month


This is the month for bumper harvests and getting ready for winter crops.


In season now: beans; brassicas – broccoli, Chinese and summer cabbage, cauliflower, kohl-rabi; roots – beetroot, carrots, Florence fennel, radish, turnip; squash family: courgettes, marrows, pumpkins, squashes; green leaves – spinach, salad leaves; chilli peppers; sweet corn; tomatoes; herbs; maincrop potatoes.

There’s also fruit on the community trees: late season plums, maincrop apples and pears.


This month we have green manure seeds – phacelia, Hungarian rye and winter tares. Sow them now and dig the plants in next spring, to give your plot a good over-winter feed.


This month we have kale plants and winter salads.

Next month

In October we’ll have onion sets; and in November we’ll have broad beans for late autumn sowing.

The Seeds and Plants Team