A Reminder

“Food Share”

Please come along to Bluebell Allotments this Sunday, 3rd November, at 1pm and enjoy some superb food & ideas on how to use the produce on your plots.

Also enjoy excellent company! I’ve used the numerous small pears to make small crumble cupcakes – hope to make some for this Sunday.
If you haven’t been to a Food Share Sunday yet then please do come along and say ‘hi’ to fellow allotment holders; you never know you may make some really good friends. We did!
Please bring whatever you fancy cooking or even a bottle or two would be great if you’re not into cooking. Please remember to bring your own utensils/plates – this will save on washing up. Thanks.

Finally, I’d like to have a VERY short meeting at 2pm of the ‘Food’ group to say ‘hi’, and discuss some ideas &, of course, get to know each other. If you have signed up for this group then please do come along and bring your ideas/enthusiasm – I provide the teas/biscuits!”

Juyna food@grow-our-own.co.uk


We have made a start on small items that need attention. The guttering on the toilet has been mended by Kelly. Lawnmower care assigned to Simon G. and Darren will make new latches for the blue shed and any others that need doing. I will continue with keeping the big shed tidy(with Christine) and stocking up the toilet along with cleaning. A list is on the maintenance notice board for comments, work completed and anything related to maintenance.

Jane G maintenance@grow-our-own.co.uk

Another reminder

Jane C will be talking about seeds and basic tips on growing broad beans, garlic and onions at 11 am, before the foodshare lunch.seeds-in-hands

Also, if members of the Seeds and Plants team are around for the foodshare lunch, it would be great to meet up afterwards (say, at 2pm) for a very quick get-together. If the weather stays blustery, our ideal meeting place will be the greenhouse!

Jane C. seeds@grow-our-own.co.uk

Waste Disposal


bin-bag-thCAXJE986 “If you have any non-recyclable waste on your plot/s and it is not possible for you to take it home to put in your domestic bin then please leave it under the pear tree near the bike stand. We are trying to make fewer trips to the tip as petrol is so expensive now and also frequent car journeys are not good for the environment! If you are able to recycle then that would be great. Many thanks”.

Charles & Juyna Lewis

Composition and graphics by Jim