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Christmas Party!

at The Fourways Community Centre


We are celebrating the festive season with a party on Saturday 14th Dec from 4pm until 8pm.

All you growers plus your family and friends are invited. Please bring some drink and a pudding. Savouries will be provided. If you want to help with food and hall preparation from midday, you’ll be very welcome.

Note this party is NOT at the Bluebell Allotments!

The address is: The Fourways Community Centre, Stevenson Road, Norwich NR5 8TN. Tel: 01603 920147

Please ring or email food@grow-our-own.co.uk to let us know that you are coming and how many of you there are. Also let us know if you’re coming early to help.

Seeds and plants for next season

Food for thought …

Here’s a list of the seeds and plants we’ll be offering to all growers next season, to help you plan how you’ll be using your plot. All of these are reliable varieties, tried and tested – almost guaranteed to succeed.

Beans: climbing French, dwarf French, runners (scarlet and white); broad beans. Peas: traditional, mangetout and sugar snap. Cabbage family: purple and green sprouting broccoli, calabrese, Brussels sprouts, cabbage (autumn/winter and spring), Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, kale (three sorts, to take you through the winter months), kohl-rabi. Roots: beetroot, carrots (early and late sorts, to extend the season), parsnip, radish, turnip. Courgettes and winter squashes: courgettes (three sorts – green, yellow and stripey), Sprinter squash (butternut type). Onion family: garlic, onion sets (yellow and red), spring onions. Green/salad leaves: various lettuces, Swiss chard, oriental salads, pak choi. Other plants: sweet corn. Herbs: basil, coriander, parsley (traditional English moss curled and continental flat-leaf). Potatoes: a first early salad type (Charlotte); a maincrop for those who have the space (Lady Balfour). Flowers: a selection, including marigolds, nasturtium and cosmos.

For growers who fancy a challenge, we’ll also offer on request an assortment of additional plants and seeds, such as fennel, beans for drying and unusual types of squash (we’ll provide more details of these in the next few weeks). We’ll also offer small quantities of rare heritage seeds; we’ll ask you to save some of your crop from these varieties as seeds for our community seed bank – again, we’ll provide more details of these in the next few weeks.

The seeds and plants team will also be helping to look after fruit trees and soft fruit bushes for community cropping. More details to follow shortly.

If there’s a particular variety of vegetable that you’d like to try – or that you’d like us to trial on your behalf – do please give us your suggestions! Your ideas are important to us. And do let us know which varieties of vegetable have worked well for you.

Don’t forget to check out our demonstration beds near the greenhouse and polytunnel. The first one is planted up with kale varieties, all doing well. The second one contains garlic, onions, broad beans and some experimental peas – invisible at the moment, but fingers are crossed!



Wishing everyone a productive New Year on your plots and hoping you can join us at the GO2 Centre at Bluebell Allotments for Food-share Sunday on 5th January 2014.