Food Share Sunday

This Sunday 2nd February, we shall be gathering at the allotment for our monthly Food Share which starts at 1pm. If you are new to the GO2 allotment scheme then you’ll be most welcome and we look forward to meeting you. The idea is to make something with produce from your plots. I’m aware that most plots are quite bare at the moment but I’m hoping to pick some sprouting broccoli & chard to add to my usual spicy bean dish. I love seeing how people use the produce they have; please share your ideas/recipes. Drinks would be also most welcome. If you have a thermos flask then please bring some hot water: tea bags, coffee & sugar will be provided. Wrap up warm & see you on Sunday. Food-sharing table
PS: If anyone has signed up for the ‘Food Team’ then please come & say ‘hi’ to me. I shall be wearing a white hat! I’d love to meet you & welcome you to the group.

– Juyna (Food Team)

Water works!

men-at-workHere’s a message from the city council’s allotments officer:

From Thursday 23rd January to Friday 7th February contractors will be working on Bluebell South allotment site to replace the mains feed along the main trackway.

This work will involve contractors working off the track and they may also work on the plot frontage of some plots. The contractors have been instructed to keep allotment disturbance to a minimum and also to allow access to allotments for tenants, however vehicle access beyond the car park will be restricted.

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Bluebell Break-in

On Tuesday night all the sheds on both sites of the Bluebell allotments were broken into but nothing seems to have been stolen as far as we know.

Our big shed was broken into but whoever it was, apart from leaving a big mess, then locked it up again with the padlock. They had obviously been looking for something. The loo padlock was found broken on the ground and the keys to both padlocks had been taken out of the little white pot which was left on the ground. The keys are missing. We will have replaced locks and keys by the weekend.

The police were very helpful but it is unlikely they will catch whoever it was.
So, please be vigilant when visiting the allotments. If you are there late, please lock the main gate if you have a key. If you don’t have a key, let us know and we will give you one for a £5 deposit. Locking up also stops people driving in and dumping rubbish, which has happened in the past.

If you see anything suspicious, you can call 101 and report it to Mahesh on 01603 920147 or 07969 996646.

Break-in 21st January 2014

On a lighter note…

Volunteers have been creating our wetland conservation area at Marlpit Community Garden, digging ponds, planting trees and building hedges.
2014-01-21 11.00 2014-01-21 11.01.28

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GO2 Newsletter

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Our first GO2 training session of 2014 will be on Sunday, February 9th from 11.00 – 12.00.
Mahesh will show us how to tackle the essential task of pruning.  This will be a practical session so if you have any favourite secateurs that you would like to bring, please do.  Gooseberry bushes and raspberry canes are top of the list.  Also, if you would like to plant autumn fruiting raspberries and gooseberries, we will be offering plants and advice.

Included in the session will be a short introduction to some of the really useful resources on the website.  You may not be aware that it includes all the growing guides by plant and by plot, plus recipes and other goodies.  Take a look now at
Go to the members area where the password is ‘garlic’.  website-members-screenshot


You might also be interested in this: Norfolk Organic Group has a talk for £2 on companion planting on January 27th.  Check it out at

What’s happening at Marlpit Community Garden?

Our sister scheme at the MCG is running two workshops:

  • Saturday 1st February, 10 – 12.30 – how to plant fruit trees
  • Saturday 8th February 10 – 1 making bird boxes

You are welcome to join in.  Just e-mail: to find out more.

A Quiet Month for Growers

January is a quiet month on the allotment but not a completely inactive one. See below for what you can be doing now.

Please read our Annual Report 2012-13 which is available online from our website.
You can find out what’s been happening on both Bluebell and Marlpit sites as well as all the facts and figures about our membership, money raised and money spent.Currently we have 44 plots available to rent so if you’re thinking that you’d like some extra space: maybe for soft fruits, for example, then please let us know. Also spread to word to anyone you think might be interested in joining us. Now is a good time to start gardening so that you can dig over and prepare the plot for the hectic planting season in the Spring.
SLI Annual Report 2012-13
Just click here – 2012-13-thumbnail

January News

from the Seeds and Plants Team
Do check out our demonstration plot opposite the greenhouse, where we’ve sown onions, garlic, broad beans and peas. We’re also experimenting with hardy outdoor lettuce and we’re growing lettuce in the polytunnel.
Harvest: Vegetables: Celery, celeriac, brussels sprouts, kohl-rabi; roots –beetroot, parsnip, swede, green leaves –oriental salad leaves. Pak choi; leeks, kale, winter cabbages and sprouting broccoli.

Don’t forget the winter herbs: rosemary, sage and thyme.


It’s too cold to sow anything outside this month. Wait till February to plant broad beans if you haven’t already sown them.


It’s too cold to plant out any plants at this time of year, unless protected under glass.

This month: January is a quiet time, the ideal time to plan for your plot in 2014. We’ll start having new season seeds and plants from February onwards.

Happy New Year

First Sunday of 2014 is … … Food Sharing Sunday

Come along to the GO2 Centre at Bluebell South Allotments on Sunday 5th at 1pm to meet other growers and share food and food ideas. Crops are somewhat limited at this season, but could include Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Kale, Lamb’s Lettuce, Leeks, Parsnips or Swiss Chard. We have a few seasonal recipes on our website – see the following link-pictures – but if you’d like to contribute any just send them to Recipes

January recipes for kale

January recipes for kale

Best Wishes from the Food Team

Rustling Bees

In the run-up to Christmas we had a disappointing setback at Marlpit Community Garden. bee-rustling Tish_Kerkham-beesOur first hive of honey-bees was stolen – click the pictures above to see the published news story.

We’ll find some more soon.honey_bee_flying_md_wht
Best wishes for the new growing year,