A Quiet Month for Growers

January is a quiet month on the allotment but not a completely inactive one. See below for what you can be doing now.

Please read our Annual Report 2012-13 which is available online from our website.
You can find out what’s been happening on both Bluebell and Marlpit sites as well as all the facts and figures about our membership, money raised and money spent.Currently we have 44 plots available to rent so if you’re thinking that you’d like some extra space: maybe for soft fruits, for example, then please let us know. Also spread to word to anyone you think might be interested in joining us. Now is a good time to start gardening so that you can dig over and prepare the plot for the hectic planting season in the Spring.
SLI Annual Report 2012-13
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January News

from the Seeds and Plants Team
Do check out our demonstration plot opposite the greenhouse, where we’ve sown onions, garlic, broad beans and peas. We’re also experimenting with hardy outdoor lettuce and we’re growing lettuce in the polytunnel.
Harvest: Vegetables: Celery, celeriac, brussels sprouts, kohl-rabi; roots –beetroot, parsnip, swede, green leaves –oriental salad leaves. Pak choi; leeks, kale, winter cabbages and sprouting broccoli.

Don’t forget the winter herbs: rosemary, sage and thyme.


It’s too cold to sow anything outside this month. Wait till February to plant broad beans if you haven’t already sown them.


It’s too cold to plant out any plants at this time of year, unless protected under glass.

This month: January is a quiet time, the ideal time to plan for your plot in 2014. We’ll start having new season seeds and plants from February onwards.