Bluebell Break-in

On Tuesday night all the sheds on both sites of the Bluebell allotments were broken into but nothing seems to have been stolen as far as we know.

Our big shed was broken into but whoever it was, apart from leaving a big mess, then locked it up again with the padlock. They had obviously been looking for something. The loo padlock was found broken on the ground and the keys to both padlocks had been taken out of the little white pot which was left on the ground. The keys are missing. We will have replaced locks and keys by the weekend.

The police were very helpful but it is unlikely they will catch whoever it was.
So, please be vigilant when visiting the allotments. If you are there late, please lock the main gate if you have a key. If you don’t have a key, let us know and we will give you one for a £5 deposit. Locking up also stops people driving in and dumping rubbish, which has happened in the past.

If you see anything suspicious, you can call 101 and report it to Mahesh on 01603 920147 or 07969 996646.

Break-in 21st January 2014

On a lighter note…

Volunteers have been creating our wetland conservation area at Marlpit Community Garden, digging ponds, planting trees and building hedges.
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