Food Share Sunday

This Sunday 2nd February, we shall be gathering at the allotment for our monthly Food Share which starts at 1pm. If you are new to the GO2 allotment scheme then you’ll be most welcome and we look forward to meeting you. The idea is to make something with produce from your plots. I’m aware that most plots are quite bare at the moment but I’m hoping to pick some sprouting broccoli & chard to add to my usual spicy bean dish. I love seeing how people use the produce they have; please share your ideas/recipes. Drinks would be also most welcome. If you have a thermos flask then please bring some hot water: tea bags, coffee & sugar will be provided. Wrap up warm & see you on Sunday. Food-sharing table
PS: If anyone has signed up for the ‘Food Team’ then please come & say ‘hi’ to me. I shall be wearing a white hat! I’d love to meet you & welcome you to the group.

– Juyna (Food Team)

Water works!

men-at-workHere’s a message from the city council’s allotments officer:

From Thursday 23rd January to Friday 7th February contractors will be working on Bluebell South allotment site to replace the mains feed along the main trackway.

This work will involve contractors working off the track and they may also work on the plot frontage of some plots. The contractors have been instructed to keep allotment disturbance to a minimum and also to allow access to allotments for tenants, however vehicle access beyond the car park will be restricted.

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