Heard of Hugelkultur?

It’s a raised bed, or garden, made out of woody material in layers from big to small, topped with green or softer material and soil.

Hugelkultur garden raised beds originate from Eastern Europe and Germany. Hugel translates as ‘hill’ or ‘mound’. The bed uses up wood waste and other materials It retains moisture as the wood decomposes and is usually wetter than normal flat beds. This process releases heat, enabling plants to be grown earlier than usual, or keeps them warmer in cold weather. A diverse population of micro-organisms is created and it increases the growing surface, again compared to a flat bed.
It’s also fun to do.
We are going to dig out one of GO2’s demonstration plots to about 6 inches, put the soil aside, fill in the bed with the woody material, add other, softer material, and put back the soil. Done! Ready to plant.
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