February 28th 2014

Food Share Sunday

Please come and join us for the ‘Food Share’ lunch this Sunday 2nd March at 1pm.  The idea is to try to make something using produce from your plots, but if you don’t have much available then bring a drink or anything else you’d like to share. I usually make a spicy bean casserole and add anything I’ve got on my plots to it. I’ve still got potatoes from last year and also sprouting broccoli and chard from this year which will go into the hot dish for Sunday. I’ve been asked for this recipe, so I will post it on the website soon.


Juyna, Food Team
These photos are from last month’s gathering and show some hardy folks dining out whilst the rest are huddled inside!

Magic Muck: When and How to Use It?

Thank you to everyone who helped shovel muck last Sunday.  We now have a big pile, just to the left of the main path on the way to the Red shed. It is clearly marked.  Please do not take muck from anywhere else.  It won’t be ours!

Before you set about loading your wheelbarrow, make sure you understand what you are doing otherwise you could end up ruining your crops. One of our growers last year had used a lot of muck on his plot before planting onion sets; the result was that all his onions bolted (ran into seed) early on. Another grower used fresh muck on her plot before sowing parsnips and she got a lot of deformed parsnips.
Magic MuckSo, to find out how to use muck successfully, click here.


Sunday March 9th we’ll be running our regular monthly workshop which will be focusing on How To Make The Most Of Your Plot.

Mahesh will go through the process of digging, planning and composting.  Meet at 11am at the big shed. We’ll finish at noon.

Stepney City Farm

in London is running a series of workshops on sustainable gardening. They are aimed at people who already know the basics of how to sow seeds, maintain and harvest a garden, and are looking to incorporate new, sustainable gardening techniques into their spaces.  Sessions include; mushroom cultivation, making organic fertilisers and soil conditioners, shady spaces, weeds as soil indicators and their uses.  Check out their website for further info Stepney City Farm

Let us know if you decide to go because we’d like to hear how you got on.

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