On your plot this month:

It’s time to get ready for the busy months ahead! There’s still time to
chit your potatoes, but don’t be tempted to plant them out yet. March
can be very cold.


Broccoli – purple sprouting, brussels sprouts, winter cauliflower,
cabbage – spring greens, kale, leeks, parsnips, perpetual spinach, Swiss
Chard. And winter herbs: rosemary, sage and thyme.


Sow these now: beetroot, broad beans, carrots, parsnips, peas,
radishes and turnips. You can also sow lettuce and spinach under cover.


Wait until mid-March (or later if cold) to plant your early
potatoes (Charlotte). You can plant garlic, onion sets and shallots now.

Next month:

April will be a busy time on the allotment. We’ll be starting
to sow the tender plants under protection for you – courgettes, beans
etc – and there will be plenty of vegetable and flower seeds for you too.

This Sunday March 9th – two events:

1. How To Make The Most Of Your Plot with Mahesh who will take you through the process of digging, planning and composting. Meet at 11am at the big shed, finish at noon.

2. The Big Spring Tool and Shed Maintenance Event. Come and help with repairing, sharpening and colour coding all the tools, and cleaning and tidying the sheds. All members are welcome to help with the tasks, to meet the maintenance team and to enjoy free coffee, tea and cake. Meet Jane Graham, Maintenance team leader, at the big shed at 10.00. Finish at 12.30.
This is a great opportunity to help you fulfil your commitment to give three days a year to the running of our community. Even if you have signed up for a different team, you can take part in any of these group events which are fun anyway. We look forward to seeing you soon.

tool-rack in shed
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