Sunday 6th July at 10am

Bluebell GO2 AGM and food-sharing

All growers are invited! Come and have your say about present management and future developments, as well as some great food (provided) to enjoy and an opportunity to meet more growers.

10am-2pm at West Earlham Community Centre, 10 Wilberforce Road, Norwich NR5 8NE. Directions: take Watton Road out of town and turn right at UEA Village along Wilberforce Road. WECC is on the corner of Taylor Road.

Please note that there is no food-sharing lunch at the allotment that day.

Annual General Meeting agenda:
1. Review of management structure
2. How to deal with members who do not contribute
3. How to ensure the plots are kept in a good state
4. Is GO2 too big?
5. Changes to grow-at-home scheme

If you have an issue you would like discussed and it’s not mentioned above, please let us know. Also, and very importantly since we’ll all be hungry after all the business, if you are coming to lunch, please let us know as we need to know the numbers for catering: bluebell@grow-our-own.co.ukplease bring something for dessert (even if it’s fresh fruit) and something to drink.

Fruit to share.

Our ethos is sharing! If you have a mature fruit tree (apple, pear, plum) on your plot please note that it is not your personal tree and the fruit is for everyone, particularly for jam-making or baking. You are therefore welcome to take some of the fruit, but remember to leave some for other people.

Sunday 20th July – Swaffham Allotmenteers’ Visit (Changed date) Please could some growers come and welcome them, and could some of the Food team be there to make some tea?

As this is their second visit and they are an interesting crowd, I hope for a lot of offers to host them! They will arrive at about 10.45.

Thanks, Christine
Don’t forget to water your plot – it’s been very dry and crops may suffer. Look at this fine example of maximising water use with young plants.
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