Volunteering opportunities

Training. We are looking for someone to organise our monthly training sessions. Could this be you? We have a training plan for this year and trainers booked so it’s just a case of making sure that happens, putting up posters and doing an item for the newsletter. Then, in the winter, you need to have a chat with Mahesh and come up with next year’s training plan, liaise with the trainers and publicise the events.

Strimming. Are you strong enough to wield a petrol driven strimmer? We’ll provide training so you can use the equipment safely. It will be an enormous help to have the paths and unused plots strimmed.
If anyone likes weeding / cutting grass then help is needed on the rockery near the car park. (This does not need a strimmer.)
Water management. You’ll have noticed that we have our own water cisterns at regular intervals down the central path. They are fed from the big tanks at the back of the big shed. These are filled either by rainwater or from the tap at the car park. We need someone to take charge of making sure the tanks are kept full, that the cisterns work and that the pipes are OK.
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If you can help with any of these tasks or would like to know more, just reply to the newsletter and we’ll be in touch. It would be good to have more than one person involved with the strimming and water management.


We had our annual meeting last Sunday and the minutes are on the website (click here). To get into the members area the password is ‘garlic’.

If you have anything you’d like to submit to GO2 News, please send it to newsletter@grow-our-own.co.uk. Also, if you are at the allotment and want to leave us a message, just write it down in the day book which is on the table inside the big shed.