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GO2 Tenth Anniversary and Open Day

This is a fantastic occasion and not one to be missed – GO2 is 10 years old and going strong. We are celebrating this amazing project started by the indefatigable Mahesh so it would be great to see as many growers – past, present and future – as possible! We have advertised the open day widely but please tell your friends and neighbours they would be most welcome.

The Food team is arranging refreshments and we can be sure that there will be lots of lovely things to eat (contributions welcome no doubt). They are also setting up a produce stall so if you were given a temporary plot until October, now is the time to let us have some of the produce to sell, as was the deal, or provide something else to sell!

So far, the programme for the day is:

10 am – 12 pm: setting up
12 – 4 pm: open to visitors, renewals for 2014/2015 (so bring your money if you haven’t already paid)
1.30: arrival of the Lord Mayor (who may come on a bicycle and may be in full chains or not!)
4 pm: on with the Kelly Kettle for a restorative cuppa while clearing up!

If anyone could help set up, clear up, show visitors round, etc please let me know pronto – or turn up on the day!

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