On your plot this month:



There’s still plenty of produce to pick before the weather turns cold.


Vegetables: calabrese (broccoli), Chinese and summer cabbage, kohl-rabi; roots – beetroot, carrots, Florence fennel, parsnip, radish, swede, turnip; squash family: pumpkins, squashes (last chance before the frosts!); green leaves – spinach, oriental and regular salad leaves; chilli peppers; leeks. (Wait till the frosts before picking your kale.)

Fruit: autumn fruiting raspberries. There’s also fruit on the community trees: apples and pears.

Seeds: This month we have white onion sets (red onion sets in spring, as they aren’t winter hardy) and garlic. There’s just time to sow spinach. Mid-month we’ll have broad beans, but not before – we don’t want them to grow too vigorously and then get flattened by frost.

Plants: This month we have a few kale plants (it’s getting late to plant those out) and some winter salads.

Next month: In November we’ll have broad beans for late autumn sowing.

The Seeds and Plants Team