Food Share Sunday

The next Food Share is on Sunday 7th December at 1pm in the big shed.
You may like to wrap up!
We are organising a mini raffle for our Festive Gathering on Saturday 20th December and we are looking for donations of small gifts. Could you please bring any items to the lunch on the 7th? Many thanks.
There’s also a large cardboard box in the shed marked ‘donations’ if you are not able to make the lunchtime gathering.
I am not able to be there this time but most of the Food Team will be there to welcome you on the 7th. Hope you all have a good meal.


Weeds or wildflowers?

A friend and fellow-gardener in South London sent me this info about weeds on the plot – a useful indicator of the health of the soil:

  • Nettles are a good indicator of soil rich in phosphates;
  • Chickweed is the primary nitrogen indicator;
  • Lots of clover and hop-trefoil indicates dry, hungry alkaline soil;
  • Creeping buttercup – poor drainage;
  • Young nettles make a mean lasagne;
  • Fat hen is under-rated as an edible weed and is better than spinach!
  • Weeds with deep roots (eg bindweed, ground elder) should be used. They bring up nutrients from far down – soak to extract (until it smells) and then dilute to the colour of weak tea and use;
  • Marestail is rich in silica and when applied (soak etc as above) to living tissue it discourages fungal spores and that’s why it’s used by biodynamic growers to discourage potato blight (needs to be sprayed every 10 days or so to keep the protective silica layer intact).
Best regards
Jane C.


This week’s newsletter is a bit plain I am afraid – I’ve been having difficulties with GO2’s internet service provider, so you may not be able to “see” our website from time to time. Other links I have included were working at the time.
(Note also that opinions expressed here are personal – particularly regarding the taste of Fat Hen or nettles!)