Muck and Compost

horse-manureThere is now a large pile of horse manure at the crossroads – follow the path down from the greenhouse.
Please use only as much as you need.

We also have a HUGE amount of garden compost available which is ready for use. – You may wish to sieve this, sieves are available in the blue shed.

The compost ready for use is located in three bays:

  1. Next to the horse manure and newer compost bay at the crossroads.
  2. Next to the red shed.
  3. At the top of our site, between the leaves and the newer compost bay.

(Newer compost bays are those still being added to – the material in these is not yet ready to be used as it has yet to rot down) .

A reminder please, when adding garden waste to the newer compost bays, please shake off as much soil as possible and also cut down into bits / break up any larger brown material – basically we don’t want large items such as sweetcorn and brussel sprouts stalks going in whole – they would take forever to break down.


PS. If you’re unsure, ask other growers, rather than just guessing what to use – if you use compost which is unready, you may introduce weeds to your plot.