Last Volunteering and Foodshare Day we tidied the baths!

Sunday 3 May

Next Sunday is a work morning followed by Food-sharing lunch. Please come from 10 o’clock and help with some necessary tasks, especially if you haven’t yet given any time to GO2 this year.

Welcome to new members: Ian and Karen, Felipe and Kathleen and daughter, Sharon who is going to share plots with Tracy for a herb project, and to Sandra Smith and a group from TogetherUK. They are taking two of the boxes. Please say hello if you see any of them. You can see who your neighbours are on the chart in the Centre shed.

We have a patch of fruit bushes which urgently need weeding. If you can help, and possibly even do some weeding regularly, you will be able to have some of the fruit when it’s ready.

The Plant Team would like some help constructing their new raised bed, the old one is completely rotten and about to fall to bits!

Everybody welcome – starting about 10.

All bar two of our plots are now taken! We will be starting a waiting list.


Plants this week

These are all the plants ready for planting.
Below are the plants ready for planting this Sunday. The Brussels and Red Cabbage are still in the greenhouse – need bringing out to the ‘cold frame’.

  • Green calabrese – these will make large plants producing heads in early autumn.
  • Early purple sprouting broccoli (PSB) – again, these are large plants  with heads either in early autumn or spring. There will be more PSB to
    come so take just one or two plants.
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Red cabbage – just a few.

All the brassicas above need covering with netting as soon they are planted, to keep the pigeons off.

  • Lettuce – there will be different varieties of lettuce plants available throughout spring and early summer. Plant a few at a time to avoid all being ready together.
  • Mizuna – for spicy leaves in salads or stir fries. Take just couple of each from the module tray. Plant the little seedlings separately for best results.

Water well!

Tessa and Bridget

‘Food Share’…

… is on this coming Sunday, 3rd May, at 1pm in the Big Shed.

If this is your first Food Share then please bring a dish / drink to share & come along to meet the other friendly growers. 2015-04-05_13.43.51(Click here to see past FS events)


One of the council allotment holders has been very supportive of our scheme & he recently donated some gardening magazines & seeds. I have left them in the shed. If you would like to think about planting some of the seeds to create ‘wildlife corridors’ on a small section of your own plot/s or on the communal areas such as around the big shed, near the picnic areas/bike stand or to one side of the accessible plots then please help yourselves to a packet. It’d be great to encourage wildlife.spectacles


If any of these glasses belong to you then please claim them before the end of May; after that they’ll be donated to the nearest charity shop.

Many thanks. Juyna – food team

 Plant news

All the potatoes can be planted now. Mound up the soil over them to protect them from late frosts.

Dwarf french beans can also be planted this month as well as the April list.

When your peas come up you need to put in some support for them to grow up, sticks are available behind the shed.

When planting out the small plants outside the polytunnel remember they grow into much larger plants, check the correct distance appart to plant tnem, details on the green shed window as well as in the plant manual.

As always the list of seeds and plants suitable for planting is on the back wall of the green shed along with the seeds.


Protecting your crop

The next skill-sharing session will be on Sunday 31st of May, at 11am at the shed. We’ll talk about protecting seedlings and crops against birds, butterflies, flies, slugs, etc.S

Please take note: if you have any copper electric wires going spare, don’t throw then away, but bring it to us! We’ll see how we can use them to protect climbing plants, courgettes and others veg against slugs.

Please email me if you intend to come, and for any enquiries (training@grow-our-own.co.uk)



During the last week it was noticed that tools were missing from the Blue Shed. A spot check on Wednesday 8th April showed that the following tools were unaccounted for

3 Forks, 3 Spades and 2 Rakes.

This is unacceptable and unfair to the members who use the Blue shed.
Could everyone please check their areas and return any blue handled tools to the Blue shed.

Jane G.