20150430 FS

‘Food Share’…

… is on this coming Sunday, 3rd May, at 1pm in the Big Shed.

If this is your first Food Share then please bring a dish / drink to share & come along to meet the other friendly growers. 2015-04-05_13.43.51(Click here to see past FS events)


One of the council allotment holders has been very supportive of our scheme & he recently donated some gardening magazines & seeds. I have left them in the shed. If you would like to think about planting some of the seeds to create ‘wildlife corridors’ on a small section of your own plot/s or on the communal areas such as around the big shed, near the picnic areas/bike stand or to one side of the accessible plots then please help yourselves to a packet. It’d be great to encourage wildlife.spectacles


If any of these glasses belong to you then please claim them before the end of May; after that they’ll be donated to the nearest charity shop.

Many thanks. Juyna – food team