Plants this week

These are all the plants ready for planting.
Below are the plants ready for planting this Sunday. The Brussels and Red Cabbage are still in the greenhouse – need bringing out to the ‘cold frame’.

  • Green calabrese – these will make large plants producing heads in early autumn.
  • Early purple sprouting broccoli (PSB) – again, these are large plants  with heads either in early autumn or spring. There will be more PSB to
    come so take just one or two plants.
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Red cabbage – just a few.

All the brassicas above need covering with netting as soon they are planted, to keep the pigeons off.

  • Lettuce – there will be different varieties of lettuce plants available throughout spring and early summer. Plant a few at a time to avoid all being ready together.
  • Mizuna – for spicy leaves in salads or stir fries. Take just couple of each from the module tray. Plant the little seedlings separately for best results.

Water well!

Tessa and Bridget